Salesforce messaging app: SMS & eFax Guru

Olivia Brownie
2 min readMar 21, 2023

To stay competitive, the hospitality industry needs a business texting app for quick and dependable communication with customers. This tool provides faster and more convenient communication options. It helps businesses save time and effort by using automated text messages to keep in touch with customers and provide relevant information efficiently.

Salesforce messaging app

The hospitality industry needs a user-friendly texting solution that employees can easily implement and learn without extensive training. The solution must also handle high-volume traffic, and send and receive messages without interruption. Cloud Maven, Inc. has developed SMS & eFax Guru, a Salesforce-based tool for businesses to send and receive SMS and eFax. The app is easy to use and supports Conversational SMS, Bulk SMS, Automated SMS, and eFax, to stay competitive.

Conversational SMS allows 2-way communication between sender and recipient, enabling quick responses. This can improve customer satisfaction for hospitality businesses. Bulk SMS allows the quick sending of large numbers of messages, and Automated SMS can be used for pre-scheduled messages to remind customers of upcoming events or special offers. Additionally, businesses can send surveys to customers after their stay to gather feedback and improve hospitality services.

eFax is a fast and secure way for hotels to send, receive, and manage documents without using traditional fax machines. It saves space and maintenance costs. It allows access to documents from anywhere and is less expensive because there are no expensive fax machines or associated costs for paper and toner. It is also more secure than traditional faxing as it is HIPAA-compliant and encrypts and transmits documents over a secure connection.

SMS & eFax Guru is an app that provides advanced features like MMS, SMS opt-out, delivery receipt, incoming alerts, SMS inbox, dashboard, and dark hour to help the hospitality industry stay ahead of competitors. It also allows hospitality businesses to include custom URLs in their text messages to promote their website. The app can be easily integrated with an existing platform using an API. By using SMS & eFax Guru, hospitality businesses can save time and money while communicating with their customers efficiently and cost-effectively. The Salesforce secure messaging app is available on Salesforce AppExchange for a 30-day free trial. To learn more about its features, contact Follow Cloud Maven, Inc. on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for future updates.