Revolutionizing Travel and Hospitality Communication with SMS & Fax Guru

Olivia Brownie
2 min readJan 22, 2024


In the dynamic landscape of the travel and hospitality industry, effective communication is key to delivering exceptional customer experiences. However, numerous challenges often hinder seamless communication between businesses and their clients. Enter “SMS & Fax Guru,” a cutting-edge Salesforce native messaging solution designed to tackle these challenges head-on, making communication within the industry smooth and fruitful.

Challenges in Communication for the Travel and Hospitality Industry:

  • Real-time Interactions: In a sector where real-time updates and interactions are crucial, traditional communication methods may fall short.
  • Bulk Communication: Communicating with multiple clients simultaneously can be a cumbersome task, leading to delays and potential errors.
  • Automation: The lack of automation in messaging workflows can hinder efficiency, especially in handling routine tasks.
  • Document Exchange: Fax communication, though still prevalent, can be inefficient and lacks the convenience of modern communication tools.
  • Customer Opt-out: Compliance with customer preferences is vital, and failing to provide easy opt-out options can lead to dissatisfaction.

How SMS & eFax Guru Resolves These Challenges:

1. Conversational SMS:

  • Enable real-time two-way communication with clients through Conversational SMS.
  • Features like Dynamic Templates, Incoming Alerts, MMS, and Delivery Receipts enhance the interactive experience.

2. Bulk SMS:

  • Send personalized Bulk SMS to multiple recipients effortlessly.
  • Utilize dynamic templates from standard or custom object list views and campaigns.

3. Automated SMS:

  • Streamline communication processes with automated SMS using process builders, flows, and apex triggers.
  • Tailor automated responses to align with specific business requirements.

4. eFax: Send and receive faxes directly within Salesforce with features like delivery receipt, incoming alerts, and support for various file formats and sizes.

5. Opt-in and Opt-out: Allow recipients to easily manage their preferences with seamless opt-out and re-subscribe options.

Benefits of SMS & eFax Guru:

  • Mobile Responsive: Send SMS directly from the Salesforce1 Mobile App without the need for a separate application.
  • Dashboard: Track sent and received SMS & eFax in real-time through a fully customizable dashboard.
  • User Friendly: Whether sending personalized SMS, dynamic templates, or receiving MMS, the user-friendly interface makes it all easy.
  • Reliable: All SMS & eFax data is stored inside Salesforce, related to the parent object, ensuring reliability and easy access.


In conclusion, the travel and hospitality industry faces unique communication challenges that require innovative solutions. “SMS & Fax Guru” emerges as a Salesforce native messaging solution, revolutionizing communication with its advanced features. From personalized conversations to efficient bulk messaging and automated workflows, the application is a game-changer for businesses aiming to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. Embrace the future of business communication — explore the possibilities with SMS & Fax Guru today! Contact or visit the Salesforce AppExchnage for more info.