Revolutionize Your Data Security: Unveiling Cloud Maven’s Secure File Transport (SFT) for Effortless and Encrypted File Exchanges in Salesforce

Olivia Brownie
2 min readJan 8, 2024


In the era of digital communication, the need for secure and efficient file transfer solutions is more critical than ever. Cloud Maven’s “Secure File Transport,” powered by BotDoc, emerges as a robust answer to this demand, providing seamless and encrypted file exchanges directly within Salesforce. In this blog, we explore the features, advantages, and unique offerings that position Secure File Transport (SFT) as the go-to solution for businesses seeking top-notch data protection and streamlined processes.

Advantages of Secure File Transport (SFT): A Comprehensive Overview

Secure Access for Large Files: Sending large-sized files securely becomes a challenge with conventional methods. SFT addresses this by allowing the secure transfer of sizable files that might surpass email server limitations, ensuring a smooth and reliable exchange.

Compliance Assurance in Sensitive Industries: Industries like Healthcare, Payment, and more, where adhering to compliance standards is non-negotiable, find SFT to be a beacon of security. SFT not only meets but exceeds standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, SOC2, Privacy Shield, and FERPA. It provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring the safety of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive data both in transit and at rest.

Frictionless Document Exchange: SFT eliminates the need for senders to remember usernames, passwords, or access documents through portals. By securely receiving documents, it removes the friction of password remembrance and ensures a secure transfer without requiring recipients to log into the system.

Efficient Tagging Feature: One standout advantage of SFT is its tagging feature. Sent or received documents can be directly linked to the recipient’s account and document type, streamlining operations and saving time. This intuitive feature enhances efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Intuitive User Experience: The user experience with SFT is designed to be intuitive and straightforward for both senders and recipients. The platform aims to simplify the file transfer process, making it accessible and user-friendly.

Endpoint-Agnostic Integration: SFT seamlessly integrates with various sender technologies, making it endpoint-agnostic. With BotDoc dovetailing into Cloud Maven’s solution, data and documents flow directly into or out of the Salesforce account, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

Zero Residual Footprint: Unlike legacy technologies such as Fax, FTP, or secure email, SFT leaves zero residual footprint. This ensures that sensitive customer data is transmitted securely without the risks associated with residual copies, providing enhanced security and reducing overheads.

Conclusion: Secure File Transport (Powered by BotDoc) emerges as a leader in secure file exchange solutions, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly platform. With features designed to meet compliance standards, ensure end-to-end encryption, and streamline operations, SFT stands out as the ideal choice for businesses prioritizing data security and efficiency in their file transfer processes. This Botdoc Salesforce integration is available on Salesforce AppExchange for a 30-day free trial. Please contact at to learn more or for a free demo.