PLAID bank integration: Bank Connect

​​​​​​​Bank Connect, powered by Plaid, is an application that automates business workflow by connecting lenders and borrowers to make informed lending decisions inside Salesforce. Cloud Maven, Inc., a certified Salesforce ISV Partner and the proud winner of the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award has developed this application. To achieve your objectives, the company provides a range of products, advisory, and Salesforce consulting services. Lenders face difficulties in gathering borrowers’ credit information.

Bank Connect

Bank Connect helps lenders authenticate the borrower’s bank account and provides insightful real-time information, including account balances, investments, historical transactions, and account holder identity information.

Traditional methods of verifying a potential borrower’s bank data are prone to errors, and data collection takes time. This could result in manual intervention errors, causing delays in banking procedures. This native Salesforce solution solves all issues at such a critical time! It provides real-time borrowers’ information from 45k+ financial institutions in 8+ countries. Evaluating borrowers’ bank data enables lenders to make informed loan decisions while avoiding delays, inconvenience, and mistakes. The bank’s data is displayed on a fully customizable dashboard, including historical balances, assets, transaction histories, etc.

Furthermore, the app enables lenders to automate the entire process, resulting in error-free and quick performance. By reviewing the transaction history, lenders can now obtain an instant financial statistic from any Salesforce standard or custom object. This solution provides a seamless user experience for all types of accounts. This income verification tool is free for 30 days on Salesforce AppExchange. If you have any additional queries, please get in touch at Please stay updated by following on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.



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