OFAC Checker: Ensure your watchlist contains the most updated sanctions

OFAC has been so harsh on those who are found to be involved in an anti-national activity or any other activity that violates the OFAC rule. It is mandatory and advisable for every business to check compliance with the updated sanctions list by its customers to prevent themselves from paying millions of dollars in fines or imprisonment. OFAC does not condone anyone unintentionally found guilty. We recommend using OFAC Checker to help you and your business remain compliant. It is developed by Cloud Maven, Inc., a Salesforce certified ISV partner and the recipient of the Salesforce partner innovation award 2021.

OFAC Checker combines powerful, and user-friendly technology with the most recent and up-to-date OFAC screening watch lists, such as DPL (Denied Persons List), EL (Entity List), UVL (Unverified List), ISN (Non-proliferation Sanctions), DTC (ITAR Debarred), CAPTA (Correspondent Account of Payable-Through Account Sanctions), FSE (Foreign Sanctions Evaders) (Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons).

OFAC Checker is the most advanced OFAC sanction screening app available on Salesforce AppExchange. It assists with OFAC compliance checks for every size company, from a small local company with simple OFAC screening obligations to a worldwide corporation with complicated integration needs.

OFAC Checker performs unlimited OFAC checks on individuals and entities automatically/manually within Salesforce using any standard or custom Salesforce object. It also supports batch processing, which allows businesses to run OFAC checks on multiple individuals or entitlements simultaneously. It regularly checks your entire database of clients, customers, and contacts against OFAC watch lists. OFAC Checker will provide you with a detailed OFAC screening due diligence report for each investigation. It supports advanced reporting metrics to provide statistical data, graphs, and charts for each activity. The OFAC dashboard simplifies understanding and monitoring of the record.

Our expert team of certified Salesforce developers will work with you to determine your business needs and operational challenges and develop a solution that fits your specific needs. To request a 30-day free trial, please get in touch with us at info@cloudmaveninc.com

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