OFAC Checker: best sanction screening tool for Salesforce

All regulated companies must adhere to global financial sanctions. However, the majority of transactions are now done electronically. So, how can you ensure that your transactions with other businesses are legal? Criminals use multiple aliases, rogue organizations specialize in disguise, the political landscape changes, new sanctions programs emerge, existing sanctions are rolled back, and update names regularly.

Salesforce OFAC Checker

Cloud Maven, Inc. has developed OFAC Checker to address these issues. OFAC Checker is a user-friendly yet powerful Salesforce-native OFAC screening solution that enables quick and reliable sanctions compliance while also being cost-effective and simple to install. OFAC Checker automates the sanctions screening process with automatic list updates and scheduled daily scans, streamlining your compliance process. Automation reduces human error and saves time and money. Furthermore, it allows for unlimited OFAC checks on individuals and entities, supports batch processing, and includes an OFAC dashboard for reporting. Its advanced reporting metrics offer detailed insights into each activity through graphs and charts. OFAC Checker allows users to create and scan against customized lists. Accelerate the compliance process while maintaining a global presence and simplify the compliance requirements.

Above all, the app requires only the entity’s name or individual to run an OFAC check and doesn’t require any coding. The app is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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