Equifax credit score API: Credit Checker

Manual credit report pulling is always a difficult task for financial institutions. The process of determining an applicant’s creditworthiness can take months. This causes delays in transactions and has an impact on business growth. Cloud Maven, Inc. has developed Credit Checker to assist financial institutions to automate the credit reporting process. It provides instant real-time credit reports from major credit reporting agencies, including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, from any Salesforce standard or custom objects. It automatically approves or rejects loan requests based on the company’s policies, saving time and money. The features of the app are as follows:

Provides comprehensive credit data, including Experian Precise-Id, credit history, repayment records, red flag compliance, personal and professional information, public records, driving license verification report, etc., to assist in determining creditworthiness and risk assessment.

Provides single/joint reports for North American customers.

Supports both soft and hard credit inquiries, with and without SSN/SIN.

Provides single, dual, and triple-merged reports from preferred bureaus.

Provides a dashboard for tracking and evaluating reports. It also enables configurable storage to filter applicants into multiple queues based on credit score, loan amount, FICO/ Vantage score, or other credit data to speed up decision-making.

It is the best software to pull credit reports available on Salesforce AppExchange. It securely saves the information within Salesforce CRM. To get a 30-day free trial please contact at info@cloudmaveninc.com

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