Credit Report Without SSN: Commercial Credit Checker

Manual business lending decision is ineffective and is prone to human errors. These errors can cause significant delays in the loan approval process. Cloud Maven, Inc. has developed Commercial Credit Checker to help banks cut down all the ineffective manual steps. It automatically approves/rejects loan applications according to business policies.

Commercial Credit Checker pulls real-time business credit reports from major credit bureaus, including Experian, Equifax, PayNet, and DataMerch, using any Salesforce standard or custom object. The application’s data-driven solution promotes productivity and better business decisions by enabling real-time business credit reports from 62 countries on millions of active enterprises. It offers a dashboard with complete reports that provide robust credit risk data such as bankruptcies, payment behavior, collection information, legal filings, fraud, etc. It summarises borrowers’ profiles in a single report, ensuring that key business facts are not neglected. You can choose which data to include in comprehensive reports and give flexible data storage for improved data mining. Integrate Commercial Credit Checker into your workflow to make it into a superior loan decision-making engine that saves time and encourages business growth. Try Commercial Credit Checker for a free 30-day trial on Salesforce AppExchange. Keep up with the latest updates by following on LinkedIn and Twitter, and please get in touch at to know more.



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