Credit Monitoring Service: Credit Checker

Olivia Brownie
2 min readJul 26, 2022

Credit Checker is a Salesforce native application that automates the credit reporting process and provides instant decisions on loan applications. Cloud Maven, Inc., a certified Salesforce ISV Partner and winner of the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award has developed this solution. The lending industry’s primary function is to make accurate lending decisions. However, the majority of lending institutions did not make timely decisions. A loan application is usually accepted or rejected after several months. In this case, the Salesforce native app comes to the rescue!

software to pull credit reports

Credit Checker automatically accepts/rejects applications based on your company’s policies. Some of its unique features include:

It pulls real-time consumer credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion using any Salesforce standard or custom object and provides applicants with detailed credit information.

Its fully customizable dashboard enables users to evaluate and monitor reports. The dashboard also assists in categorizing applicants into distinct queues based on their credit score, name, loan amount, and other credit information.

The application supports single/joint reports and batch credit report pulls. It also provides dual/tri-merge reports to assist businesses in thoroughly reviewing applicants’ creditworthiness.

This application is built on the Salesforce lightning platform and compatible with most Salesforce editions.

It allows for an easy Salesforce integration as a form of API.

The application is simple and takes 10 seconds to pull detailed credit reports. It is available for a free 30-day trial on Salesforce AppExchange. Contact for any questions, and be sure to follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for further information.