Credit Checker: soft pull credit score API

Credit Checker is a Salesforce-native credit reporting solution developed by Cloud Maven, Inc. that automates the business workflow by providing instant credit reports from all major credit reporting agencies, including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, using any Salesforce object. Cloud Maven, Inc. is a Salesforce-certified ISV partner and winner of the 2021 Salesforce partner innovation award. It is well-known for offering various products, business advisory, and exceptional Salesforce consulting services. While most lenders use merged credit reports from multiple credit bureaus to make loan decisions, it is still a time-consuming and labor-intensive process for them. They want everything done swiftly and without human intervention. Credit Checker makes it possible to automate the entire credit reporting process. It automatically accepts/ rejects loan applications based on the business policies. Out of its many unrivaled features, few are

Supports single/joint credit reports

Supports credit report pull-in bulk

Provides dual/tri-merge reports from any of the preferred credit bureaus

Supports soft pull and hard pull credit inquiries with/without SSN and SIN

Provides a fully-customizable dashboard for easy monitoring, analyzing, and interpreting reports. It also helps queue profiles based on their credit score, loan/debt amount, or other information.

Supports unlimited OFAC checks on individuals/entities using any Salesforce object

Supports multiple bureau subscriber codes and services

The app is built on the Salesforce lightning platform, ensuring a simple and no-code user experience. The app allows for an easy and scalable Salesforce integration into your workflow as an API form. It is available on Salesforce AppExchange with a 30-days free trial offer. To learn more or to ask anything, write to

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