Credit Checker: Instant credit score check

Credit Checker

Credit Checker is the most acclaimed tool for Salesforce users that automates the credit reporting workflow. It is developed by Cloud Maven, Inc., a Salesforce-Certified ISV Partner and the recipient of the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award. Tenant screening companies run credit checks on behalf of landlords to ensure that the tenant does not have a poor credit history. They want to know if the applicant is employed and if they have any outstanding Liens and Judgments against them. This solution enables tenant screening companies to learn about an applicant’s creditworthiness quickly. They can easily obtain Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion reports to obtain detailed information about the applicant. To determine an applicant’s creditworthiness, tenant screening companies can examine all risk factors such as Experian-Precise ID, OFAC reports, employment information, driving license, LnJ data, and other credit histories, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met. It provides immediate access to an applicant’s FICO and Vantage scores. The agency can set and change rules based on its business policies. The app automatically accepts or rejects applications based on the rules you set. As a result, it eliminates the need for human intervention, saving time and money while removing the risk of human error. The app includes a fully customizable intuitive dashboard to analyze the profiles. This aids in the interpretation and monitoring of profiles. They can also sort profiles using the dashboard based on the applicant’s credit score, the debt amount, name, or other credit details. Furthermore, the app enables simple and scalable Salesforce integration in your workflow as an API form. This app is available on Salesforce AppExchange for a free 30-day trial. Send an email to for any queries. Follow Cloud Maven, Inc. on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to learn more.



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