Credit Checker: Instant credit report from all credit bureaus using any Salesforce object

Olivia Brownie
2 min readMay 2, 2022

Technology plays a vital role in a lender’s capacity to provide great service while remaining profitable in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive industry. Lenders that do not use cutting-edge, disruptive technology can be left behind. Lenders use the traditional underwriting process, which takes a few weeks to determine an applicant’s creditworthiness by evaluating their entire credit information. Again, the process requires a significant amount of manual typing and paperwork, which frequently results in errors. To address these issues, Cloud Maven, Inc. has created Credit Checker. This robust and futuristic credit checking tool completely automates the underwriting process from start to finish, saving time and costs and eliminating human error.

Instant credit report: credit checker

Integrating and configuring Credit Checker is a breeze. It pulls consumer credit data from the major credit reporting agencies, including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, using any Salesforce standard or custom object. This enables lenders to make better lending decisions based on a complete picture of applicants. Credit Checker has solved the most common issue lenders used to face, i.e., pulling multiple credit reports at a time. It takes less than 10 seconds to provide comprehensive data of an applicant along with the FICO score, Vantage Score, Employment verification report, and Liens & Judgement data.

The customizable dashboard makes it easier to track and comprehend reports. You can make precise decisions by creating multiple queues based on applicants’ credit scores, loan amounts, and other credit information. Moving forward to its features, it supports single/joint reports.

It automates the decision-making process by accepting/rejecting credit applications. Lenders can reduce credit risk by developing, implementing, and modifying decision rules. This enables them to review applications more consistently and effectively. Due to its simple functionality and lack of coding requirements, Credit Checker is used by thousands of lenders and is highly recommended by our clients. Check out the app’s five-star ratings on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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