Credit Checker: An advanced consumer credit checking app

A consumer credit report allows lenders to gain an in-depth understanding of an applicant’s credit history. It is extremely beneficial during the credit risk assessment process. Before approving a credit card, personal loan, or mortgage, a consumer’s credit must be checked. However, preparing a credit report is a difficult task. You must visit each website, enter applicant information for a credit check, then manually enter the details inside Salesforce. Does it appear to be efficient?

To eliminate manual error and increase productivity, Cloud Maven, Inc. has developed Credit Checker to automate the credit reporting process. It pulls consumer credit reports from all major credit bureaus in seconds inside Salesforce AppExchange.

Features of this app include:

Perform a credit check using any standard or custom Salesforce object.

Pulls real-time consumer credit report from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion instantly

Check credit report with/without SSN/SDN

Run individual/joint credit report

Supports Hard/Soft credit inquiry

Includes OFAC searches on individuals/entities

Instant access to Fico and Vantage scores

Pulls Liens & Judgements data from LexisNexis

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