OFAC Checker

OFAC Checker is a user-friendly application that automates the business workflow by providing instant OFAC screening reports inside Salesforce. Cloud Maven, Inc., a certified Salesforce ISV Partner and 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award winner developed this solution. The Treasury Department requires “all persons and entities within the United States” to comply with OFAC regulations. Even unintentionally, the cost of failing to comply with OFAC rules can be enormous, with criminal and civil penalties totalling millions (plus imprisonment for intentional violations). There is also the issue of negative publicity, as OFAC publishes the names of those who have been approved. That’s why banks should be OFAC-compliant. This OFAC sanction screening tool comes into play when determining whether or not a person or entity is OFAC-compliant. It is a cutting-edge tool that automatically screens each existing and prospective applicant’s profile to keep the workplace safe and compliant. The OFAC checker can be used by banks to ensure that no specific individual or entity has been convicted of terrorist financing, money laundering, drug trafficking, or dealing in weapons of mass destruction. Being involved with such people could get you in a lot of trouble. It enables banks to conduct full-fledged OFAC screening on individuals and entities. It supports batch processing and provides a fully customizable OFAC dashboard to assist you in understanding and monitoring the reports. Its advanced reporting metrics enable lenders to receive insightful reports via charts and graphs. The app can also completely automate the process. As a result, it eliminates the need for human intervention while saving both money and time. The app can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange. Send an email to info@cloudmaveninc.com to request a 30-day free trial. To learn more, go to https://cloudmaveninc.com

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